Building a sustainable future

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Grupo Arrate, building a sustainable future

At Grupo Arrate we develop and build renewable energy projects.

Our business lines

The Arrate Group’s activity is aimed at the development of renewable energies as the main tool for the construction of a sustainable and fair future for future generations.

We are experts in the main technologies
and renewable energies

The wide variety of technologies developed by the Arrate Group gives it a privileged position as it has a complete vision of the main renewable energies and their implementation.

Our portfolio

We manage various types of renewable energy assets. In project development, we have a portfolio of 6 GW on the Iberian Peninsula in solar, wind and biomethane plants.

0 MW
Wind Energy
0 MW
Solar Energy
Biomethane Plants

A team full of values that matter

The Arrate Group’s staff is made up of fifty people, a team distributed among the different companies from which the Group operates.

This team is united by the most important thing: the values of the Arrate Group. These values were selected by all members of the company: team, effort, creativity and ambition.

People are at the heart of these values and of all the Arrate Group’s activities. We firmly believe in the potential of the individual and that each of us is unique and unrepeatable. We all have something genuine to contribute.


The Group

The Arrate Corporate Group was created in 2018 as a consolidation of the project started in 2011 from Arrate Energías. The Group’s various companies, some of which are formed in strategic alliances with major players in the sector, operate in different lines of business.

Collaborating companies, partners and customers

We work with stakeholders in the energy sector who share our vision of building a sustainable future through the promotion of renewable energy.

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