Building a sustainable future

Business lines

Business lines

At Grupo Arrate we firmly believe in building a sustainable future. The company’s activity is divided into four business lines, covering the entire value chain of the sector, operating in the following technologies:

Project Development

Project development is the process of building a renewable energy facility from greenfield.
This process begins with the origination and pursuit of opportunities and ends with obtaining the building permit (RTB or Ready To Build). Three main phases must be completed in the development of a project:


Location, recourse and local agreements.

  • Technical and environmental analysis of selected geographies.
  • Land identification.
  • Regulatory and legislative review.
  • Signing of agreements.


Engineering and technical design:

  • Basic engineering.
  • Detailed engineering.
  • Starting document.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Annual Inventory.
  • Archaeological studies.
  • Topographical surveys.



  • Urban compatibility.
  • Connection to the electricity grid
  • Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Prior Administrative Authorisation.
  • Administrative Construction Authorisation.
  • Building permit.
  • Operating authorisation.


  • Optional management and inspection.
  • Control of work execution, economic reporting and planning.
  • Approval of work certifications.
  • Commissioning.

Operation and maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Waste management (in biomethane plants).
  • Comprehensive maintenance.


  • M&A. Acquisitions of assets, both projects and operating plants.
  • PPAs. Design and negotiation.
  • Capacity and Access Competitions. Strategy design and execution for maximum score.
  • Portfolio analysis. Evaluation of the level of project development and value generated.
  • Identification of opportunities.
  • Energy consultancy. Designing asset management strategies.
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