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The Arrate Group closes 2022 with a conference at its headquarters in Madrid.

The Arrate Group closed the year with a conference held at its headquarters in Madrid. The meeting brought together all of the corporation’s employees and served to take stock of 2022 and to announce the forecasts and plans for the coming year. “We closed a great 2022 and are preparing for a 2023 with great expectations and forecasts” stated Diego de Cardenas, Group CEO since September.

The day was organized around a talks and colloquiums with expert guests from the sector, along with internal work sessions in which the different teams of the company were able to take stock and discuss the year-end closing.

The conference began with a conversation between Arrate staff and Salvador Carrillo, founding partner of Alter 5, a renowned financing and M&A platform for renewable energy projects. Through its digital platform, Alter5 accelerates financing processes and offers products and services to its clients depending on the different stages of development of a project. As an expert in the sector, Salvador shared his opinion on the main financial aspects and the state of renewable energies.

Also participating during the morning were Heikki Willsted, Director of Energy Policy of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) and Javier Alberto Muñoz González, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations of the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA). Both associations are key players in the renewable energy sector as a point of union between the business fabric and the institutions. Heikki and Javier had a lively discussion about the situation in the industry and the outlook for the coming year with the Group’s staff in which they shared the associations’ assessments.

The day continued with presentations by the various company directors, who were able to explain the milestones achieved during the year to the different teams and to take stock of the current situation. In a review of the different business lines and technologies, the advances in wind, solar, biomethane and hydrogen projects developed by the Group were discussed, as well as the status of hybridization, self-consumption and storage.

At the end of these sessions, Diego de Cárdenas took the opportunity to announce the company’s plans for 2023 and to review the company’s achievements in the last half of 2022, highlighting the significant progress made in the development of projects with 25 MW in RtB, obtaining favorable EIS for 162 MW and Access and Connection Permits for 151 MW more.

The objectives for 2023 include strong growth in the company’s three main business lines: project development, construction engineering in photovoltaic parks, and advisory and consulting services for large customers. To this end, Arrate plans to continue increasing its workforce, which has grown by 200% during the year that is now coming to an end.

The day ended with the presentation of awards to members of the team who have stood out for their special commitment and dedication, together with somewords from the company’s president and founder, Joaquín Sanz López.

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