Building a sustainable future


Our centre

The centre is that which inspires us on a deep and vital level. It is the answer to why we move and what gives meaning to our activities, objectives and processes.

Any company that intends to make a minimum positive impact on society must have a strong and clear centre: Arrate was born with a well-defined centre and has pivoted on it since its foundation.strong, 

At the heart of our work are the people

We firmly believe in the potential of the individual and that each of us is unique and unrepeatable. We all have something genuine to contribute. This makes each of us invaluable.

At Arrate we firmly believe that all people are important and that is why our activity is aligned with their progress and support. This leads to a path of effort, confidence and constant learning.

At Arrate we firmly believe that all people are important.

Furthermore, our values orbit around our centre; these values are what define us and what we try to strengthen day by day.


In Arrate we are all a team, rowing in the same direction, knowing that we are an important part of it.


In Arrate we are not conformists. We all want to do our best and strive for high aspirations.


Project development is in our spirit. This has instilled in us the ability to overcome a multitude of obstacles, looking for resources everywhere and fearlessly forging ahead.


Improvement (both personal and team) requires effort. At Arrate we work with passion to achieve our goals.

These values are a fundamental pillar of the Arrate Corporate Group and, complementing our people centre, they shape the relationship with all the Group’s employees. To this end, there are three main annual initiatives:

Leading The Future

Leading The Future is the annual programme that brings together the youngest staff of the entire group. The aim of this initiative is to train 360º professionals in the renewable energy sector.

This group meets every three months to receive masterclasses from real experts in the sector, both senior colleagues from the Arrate Group and external collaborators.

These sessions point in two directions. The first is to provide an overview of several vital issues in the sector (decarbonisation of the energy sector, renewable energy finance, project development, technologies, etc.). The second is to present, from the hands of colleagues from the group itself, how the company faces these challenges from a business perspective.

These meetings also serve as a meeting point for colleagues from all over Spain and as an intense forum for working and sharing impressions.

Building Us

Building Us is the personalised follow-up programme for all employees of the Grupo Arrate. This initiative is based on the professional development of each of the employees, establishing six-monthly objectives that are reviewed together with their direct managers.

This programme also organises the specific training that each of the members of Arrate would like to receive, taking into account their professional area, their expectations, responsibilities and future projection. This training is independent of the Leading The Future programme.

The aim of this programme is to facilitate the professional growth of the employees of the Arrate Corporate Group, as well as to offer a space for direct and transparent dialogue that serves as a fluid channel of communication when it comes to resolving concerns, optimising processes or resolving doubts.

Our Project

The main objective of Our Project is to involve all members of the Arrate Group in the company’s objectives. We all share in its success and know that we are all part of the same boat.

The company meets every six months to review the progress of the objectives set at the beginning of the year. Each department or section makes an analysis of how it has worked so far, which objectives have been met and which have not and looks for the causes of one or the other scenario.

Based on these analyses, the working teams reinforce their activities and, with this information and Arrate’s team spirit, progress continues to be made.

From Our Project, all voices are heard and, led by the department heads, the different work teams grow and meet their six-monthly and annual objectives. All members of the team are important and are part of Arrate.


The main objective of Grupo Arrate is to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders, as well as to obtain maximum customer satisfaction through the design and management of the implementation of renewable energy projects (wind farms and photovoltaic plants, biogas plants, self-consumption facilities), and energy consultancy.

Grupo Arrate maintains an updated Integrated Quality Management System so that we are able to ensure that in each process, the designated responsibilities and resources achieve the satisfaction of our customers and meet the expectations of our employees. In turn, they achieve full compliance with legal requirements and ensure continuous business development.

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