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The Arrate Group strengthens its board of directors with the incorporation of Diego de Cárdenas as new CEO

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  • Diego de Cárdenas has developed his professional career in the management of multinational companies such as Telefónica and Ezentis, mainly in Spain and Brazil. Throughout his career he has held positions of high responsibility such as CFO of Telefónica Empresas Brasil, Global Director of Transformation Projects at Telefónica, CEO in Brazil, Spain and Portugal at Ezentis and Global General Manager of Business and Operations at the same company.

  • Joaquín Sanz López, until now the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, has taken over the position of President of the corporation.

  • This incorporation responds to the company’s strong growth in business volume, turnover and headcount. In the last two years the Arrate Group has reinforced its work with Repsol (through Southland) and has incorporated a new line of business in photovoltaic plant construction engineering through a strategic alliance with the Amper Group. This line of business already has contracts for 300 MW, a figure that could grow until the end of the year. In addition, adding the activities of Aratel (formed jointly with Vinci Energies), the Group is already developing more than 6 GW of solar and photovoltaic power together with a broad portfolio of biomethane plants.

  • Diego de Cárdenas began his duties on September 1 and had the opportunity to introduce himself to the entire Arrate staff on September 15 at the company’s Annual Meeting, held in Albacete. There, he had the opportunity to communicate the Group’s new growth objectives and the good prospects for the immediate future.

  • “The incorporation of Diego as CEO allows the Group to continue with the important growth process we are experiencing, the result of the good work done so far. Our growth prospects are great and Diego is the ideal person to lead this qualitative leap that will position us as one of the leading companies in the development of projects in Spain,” says Joaquín Sanz López.

Exponential growth.

Grupo Arrate was founded in 2011 by Joaquín Sanz López, who developed his professional career in the renewable energy sector as a director of companies such as ACS (in its renewable energy division), Capital Energy or Eiffage. After a few years of presence in Spain, the Group moved to the Americas, with countries such as Mexico and Chile becoming the main areas of operation.

Since 2018, the company has turned its gaze to Europe and is currently mainly active in Spain. Since returning to this market, an important portfolio of projects is being developed in co-development with Repsol through Southland, one of the Group’s companies.

In addition, last year the company reached an agreement with Maetel, part of Grupo Cobra, for the joint development of a portfolio of more than 3 GW and the creation of a joint venture: Aratel. Currently, there are already several projects with grid conection. This portfolio also has several biomethane projects from which the first RTB is expected to be achieved in early 2024.

On the other hand, Arrate has recently entered into an alliance with Nervión, part of the Amper Group, for the construction of photovoltaic parks. The Arrate Group lends its considerable experience in the renewable energy sector in synergy with the industrial group, which contributes its solid position as a constructor. This line of business is achieving great results and expects significant growth in the near future. There are currently contracts for the construction of 300 MW.

Lastly, the Group also increased its portfolio of proprietary projects in line with Red Eléctrica’s plan for 2026, while expanding its international scope.

Restructuring and reinforcement of the board of directors.

In view of this strong growth, the Group’s Board of Directors has decided to appoint Diego de Cárdenas van Aerssen Beyeren, who has a prestigious career in the management of important companies in the telecommunications and energy sectors.

With this incorporation, Joaquín Sanz López will occupy the position of President of the Group, leaving the more executive functions in Diego’s hands.

Future prospects.

The Arrate Group’s prospects for the coming years are very promising. With the confidence of several of the main companies in the sector, Arrate aims to position itself as one of the leading companies in the development of projects in Spain while consolidating new lines of business.
In view of the accelerated growth, the Group now has a structure that is adequate to the volume of its contracts, business, projects and workforce, which will only grow in the coming years according to the company’s prospects.

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